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Steelers v. Patriots Prediction

By: Austin Masters

Tom Brady has dominated the Steelers when the two teams meet up. He is 6-1 against them and is 4-1 at Heinz Field. However, that is the past, and the Steelers need to have this mindset. Last year the Steelers secondary was torched by Brady and allowed him to throw three touchdown passes to Rob Gronkowski. This year the Steelers secondary comes into this game with the top ranked passing defense in all of the NFL, and the 3rd overall top defense. They haven’t faced a quarterback like Brady yet, however. The Patriots have a huge advantage with their tight ends Gronkowski and Hernandez, as they will be covered by either a slow Farrior or Foote, or cornerback like William Gay who is much smaller. Besides their tight ends, Wes Welker is where the Patriots do their damage. Mike Tomlin stated that Ike Taylor will not be covering Welker, as he is not accustomed to playing a slot receiver. Whoever lines up against Welker needs to disrupt him at the line of scrimmage to get Brady’s timing off. This will allow the Steelers to have success defensively. They also need to get to Brady. LaMarr Woodley has turned the ignition on after his slow start to the season. Brett Keisel and Woodley need to get into Brady’s face and get him to make mistakes. This is no easy task as Brady gets rid of the ball extremely quickly. The Steelers have more firepower on offense than they did last year, so this game could end up being a shoot-out.

My prediction: Steelers 31, Patriots 27

World Series Game 7 Prediction

By: Nick Johnson

After a pretty crazy game 6 I believe that all the momentum has shifted to the St. Louis Cardinals. Being a slight Cardinals fan, I will say that I have given up hope one or two time this series and they have come out and given me every reason to believe that they will win this game. Also, it has been said that Chris Carpenter will be the starting pitching in this game after only three days of rest. Now looking at his last start under these conditions you would say that they Rangers will win this game easy, but I think Carpenter will be pulled when he is either gassed out or at any sign that his command is not there and LaRussa will throw in Loshe, Westbrook, or Jackson. So, I don’t think there is really any harm in starting him. Now the even bigger question is what about the status of both Napoli and Cruz. These two player have been the work horse of this Rangers offense though the whole postseason and it one of them can’t play it will be a huge blow to their offense. Also, there is debate about whether they should start Holland instead of Harrison and I believe they are making the right decision because Harrison has been far more constant this whole postseason than Holland has. Now putting this all together I believe with the fight the Cardinals have put up and all that momentum they’ve gotten from that Game 6 win they will win Game 7 and win their 11th World Series Championship.

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